I finally get a chance to update the teasers and share my favorite pictures from Kylie’s 1st birthday party.  I want to thank Maria and Jennifer for the hospitality and food, mmmm….delish!!!!  It was a great time and while working on the pictures I noticed everyone with smiles on their faces, especially the birthday girl.  I actually got some help from my nephew Aerick with the event so I can’t take all the credit.  Thanks for the help.  So here they are….enjoy!!!! and also Goobers for Maria is coming soon hahaha!!!



As promised, here are the shots of Jase’s birthday side of the celebration.  I’m glad I was able take the old trustee Canon and take a few shots.  I feel I don’t shoot enough, hopefully I will get more opportunities in the future but thanks to Jen, Sep, and the whole family for the opportunity to document a special time of Jase’s life and allowing me to be a part of it.


I’m here again with another post and that’s a good thing.  That means I’m getting a chance to shoot more.  So I’m glad I was able to be there for Jase’s Christening and celebrate his first birthday at the same time.  So this post will be in two parts.  I’m glad it will be a split posting since I was actually split in making my decision to keep it black and white or color.  So I decided since there was two celebrations for Jase that I would do the Christening in black and white and his birthday in color.  I figured the ceremony at the church was a little more serious so I wanted no color on the photos to make sure the focus is on the subjects.  Then the birthday celebration will be have the color since it’s more lively.  So here is the first set….MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN FOR THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION…


I remember during the times when I was a tad bit younger than I am now.  I remember the fun times of high school events and fun times running rampant after school and on weekends…and I will never forget the house parties I attended during those days and then graduating to the clubs.  But for some reason, Rae’s party that I was invited to, I felt that they just skipped everything and just headed straight for the club and all the parents just happen to be there enjoying themselves also, including myself.  The party was fun, the performance was great and the food was delicious.  I just wanted to share a few of my personal favorites.




To all the folks who practice their 2nd amendment by exercising the rights to bear arms, you’re in for a treat.  The Colt 1911 .45 acp designed John Moses Browning, arguably the best designed pistol in the world, is still being produced and fabricated until this very day.  Now these images are not of a Colt 1911 but it is a really good variation.  This is a Rock Island Armory produced by Armscor in the Philippines.  This pistol has had a lot of good reviews and a lot of faithful followers, but from what I understand is that their customer service is what brings people to their business.  Nevertheless, I am an avid shooter myself, I shoot a Canon, but sometimes I do shoot pistols on occasion at the local range.  As far as these images, these are pictures are for my co-worker.  He wanted a few shots of his pistol so few hours on a Saturday, I had to show him what I consider target practice.  These are the results.


One Saturday a whole lot of fruit snacks and a whole lot of Kingston.  From just one day of hanging out with the little guy, he is a whole lot of fun.  I thought of him as very shy and quiet.  I even thought that he might be a little hard to take pictures of and just clam up when the session got going.  I’m not sure if what his dad said to me was a warning to let me know to be ready.  He whispered to me…..”he just needs to warm up”….I didn’t know that once he was warm I would begin to sweat when the picture taking began because he got going and he got to Modeling….and boooyyyy was he modeling.  Well here are more shots from that day.


I was on a recent one day road trip dubbed a “BUSINESS” trip…because when we got there it was all business, well it was actually fun and hype business. It was a trip to Pasadena, CA for BOTCON 2011…whew, overwhelming but ohhhh boyyyy!!!! did I wish I had millions of dollars to spend, because I think I would have bought the actual convention center.  I didn’t really make any purchases but did it open my eyes for the future, and all I can say is Masterpiece….but I couldn’t say much for my cohorts…they SPLURGED!!! Purchases were made to complete collections and also to make children happy.

Our 4 man crew consisted of me and my close friends who also happen to be big fans of toys, fashion, media arts and music, you can visit them on their site at and at  I wanted to make purchases for myself but I’m surprised I was actually able to control myself, but I did make sure I got some shots of the event and also of them licking their chops due to all the things there….